11/08/2016 / By Randall Wilkens

This has been a year of roadblocks for the Clinton Campaign, mainly due to its unraveling at the hands of

11/06/2016 / By donavonc

Many Americans have long believed that the Clintons are a criminal family that regularly breaks the law without having to

10/24/2016 / By newstarget

Donald Trump responded to a recent revelation from WikiLeaks that Hillary Clinton planned to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2015 meeting

10/12/2016 / By clintonnews

While acknowledging that the release of a controversial open mic recording hurt GOP nominee Donald Trump, as to current polling,

09/20/2016 / By clintonnews

With less than 50 days remaining until the 2016 presidential election, national polls aren’t the only sign the race is

09/07/2016 / By clintonnews

With questions about Hillary’s health permeating much of the fringe media over the past month, if mostly absent from the

08/18/2016 / By clintonnews

The current election is historic for many reasons: the Democrats have nominated a woman for the first time to run

08/02/2016 / By clintonnews

Donald Trump is rapidly ratcheting up the rhetoric as the 2016 candidates charge out of their respective party conventions, warning

07/01/2016 / By newstarget

On June 29, the National Rifle Association (NRA) launched a pro-Trump ad narrated by Benghazi Survivor Mark “Oz” Geist, USMC

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