Caught: Hillary sold favors to Morocco for $28 million

Monday, November 07, 2016 by

Another day, another scandal involving Hillary Clinton and her fraudulent foundation. Nothing ever seems to change in that respect, but it is important for the American people to know that there is widespread corruption in this family, so it’s necessary to report all of the new evidence that comes out and expose these people for what they really are.

That’s why refusing to address the issues regarding her foundation is further proof that the mainstream media is trying to skew the election in her favor. They know that she and her acquaintances are corrupt, and yet they intentionally avoid discussing the truth in their news coverage. With each passing day, more evidence seems to come out to prove just how twisted the Clintons are, but a lot of this information slips under the radar because of the powers that be – like the fact that Hillary sold favors to a Moroccan official in return for $28 million in “donations” to her foundation.

King Mohammed VI received two massive favors in exchange for the cash, which all but proves the fact that Hillary Clinton is only concerned about financial gain.

Richard Pollock of The Daily Caller reports, “Clinton also relaxed U.S. foreign aid restrictions on Morocco, thus allowing U.S. funds to be used in the territory of Western Sahara where OCP operates phosphate mining operations. … Morocco is repeatedly condemned for seizing the territory and for unilaterally extracting the country’s valuable minerals, impoverishing what’s left of the local Sahrawi Arabs.”

If this were any other person, people would be completely convinced that there is corruption afoot, but for some reason, Hillary Clinton continues to get a free pass for reasons unbeknownst to any of us logical folks. The fact that this isn’t a bigger news story when we are less than a week away from the presidential election goes to show how little the mainstream media actually cares about releasing the news.

This is the most dangerous election of our lifetime, and one that will most definitely shape the country as a whole for years to come. It’s up to the American people to take control of this situation and make our voices heard through our votes. The federal government and the mainstream media have proven that they are working together to push their establishment agenda, so the only people we can trust on the issues are ourselves.

Make the right choice, folks. Keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House.



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