Hillary’s campaign rallies being taken over by rape protesters, want her husband brought to justice

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 by

On Monday at a campaign rally in Detroit, a man was placed behind Hillary who was wearing a “Bill Clinton Rapist” t-shirt. On Tuesday, while the Clinton campaign was rallying in Fort Myers, Florida, protesters were pushed and shoved out of the rally. One man, who was wearing a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt, was yelling “rapist” as Bill Clinton was speaking. In another instance there was a gentleman seen yelling at Clinton, and holding up a sign that read “Clinton = Rapist,” while being escorted out of the rally. Moments after, in the same video clip, there’s a female being escorted out of the rally with a sign of her own saying “Bill Clinton is a Rapist.” A protester with similar signage was recently seen disrupting an Obama speech.

Bill Clinton’s only defense to the protesters showing their displeasure was to repeatedly say “Give him a hand. They’ve had a rough week,” in reference to Donald Trump supporters and the recent release of a “hot mic’d” Trump, engaging in locker room talk, a decade prior. But who’s to say that the protesters are Trump supporters? They could simply be justice seekers. After all, there are many instances where people would want charges to be filed against both Hillary and Bill Clinton. So there goes Bill blaming the distractions that are currently ruining their campaign on Donald Trump. How about a press statement addressing the real reasons people are repeatedly taunting you?

With protests on the rise at Hillary campaigns, they should having a tough time from here on out. Hopefully the security guards escorting protesters out won’t get violent while performing their duties. Incidents are now occurring on a daily basis. This will not be the last we see of protesters causing problems for Hillary during the remainder of her campaign, and it has got to be getting into their heads.





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