Clinton Foundation caught selling diplomatic passports to donors

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 by

When Hillary Clinton announced her decision to run for president in the 2016 election, many politically-minded folks began to analyze her past behavior in order to determine whether or not they believed her to be a competent and respectable commander-in-chief.

As you probably already expected, the results were not in her favor. At all.

While many controversies like the Benghazi attack and her visibly dwindling health were mistakes and immoral choices that Hillary made on her own accord, an overwhelming majority of her scandals seemed to stem from her work with the Clinton Family Foundation, which now appears like a huge money laundering scheme instead of a selfless charity. And almost all of the donors were looking for some sort of trade-off.

Hillary’s favorite aide, Huma Abedin, has been involved in her fair share of controversies as well. From her apparent political marriage to sexting addict Anthony Weiner to her connection to radical Islamic extremist groups, Abedin fits right in with the Clinton clan, which is almost never a good thing.

As revealed by the recent DNC email hacks, donors to the Clinton Family Foundation had been sending Abedin emails regarding receiving diplomatic passports as a result of their commitment to the Clinton cult. So by writing a fat paycheck to Hillary Clinton, you can receive political benefits. That is absolutely terrifying and disgusting.

Given Clinton’s close relationship with Saudi Arabia — a country whose primary values and beliefs immensely differ from America’s — it’s particularly worrisome that the leaders of that country can potentially sway Clinton’s opinion on major issues by sending her a few million dollars. This is a country that treats women and members of the LGBT community like second-class citizens. They do not believe in freedom or liberty. Bringing their warped ideology to America, in any way, is a recipe for disaster.

These actions alone are enough to compeltely disqualify Hillary Clinton from being the next president of the United States. By accepting these bribes, she’s proven that she can be bought. As the leader of the free world, that’s the last thing that we want.

We need a strong leader that would laugh in the faces of those who try to bribe them and tell them to beat it. We need a leader that will work hard to make our country safe and prosperous again — not just for rich politicians like Hillary, but also for the average, working class American.

Our country needs a desperate return to form before we reach the point of no return, which seems closer and closer with every passing day. News like this just confirms the fact that American politics has gotten so shady and corrupt that the only way to fix it is by looking at the anti-establishment candidates that are running this fall.

It’s up to us to make a change in this country — and the simplest way to do that is with your votes.




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