Could Hillary’s $1.3 trillion tax plan cripple the U.S. economy if elected president?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 by

Everyone in the know seems to be well aware that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a complete and utter disaster for America in general, but most specifically the economy.

Clinton’s proposed tax plan would be an economic disaster — raising taxes to an estimated $1.3 trillion across the United States. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s proposed tax plan would lower taxes for virtually everyone in America.

A spokesperson from the Center for Federal Tax Policy at the Tax Foundation analyzed both of the major party candidates’ tax plans and reported back with what an implementation of their proposed plans would mean for America. As expected, Hillary’s plan is a complete mess, but on the more surprising end of the spectrum, Donald Trump — even with no political background — has proposed a plan that seems to benefit the entire country.

A businessman has a better understanding of economics than a career politician? Go figure.

Clinton’s plan doesn’t just effect the short-term, either. The amount of debt held by the American public would jump from $13.968 trillion to an estimated $25.825 trillion. We should be trying to completely eradicate this number — not nearly double it. That would be an absolute disaster that could threaten the overall safety of our country.

But that’s par for the course when it comes to modern liberals. They seem to believe that the smartest way to boost the economy is by preventing the American people from making any money. This plan has never, ever worked throughout history, yet these people just can’t seem to let go of their old ways.

We need the American people to flourish during this uncertain time. We need people to feel safe and free again — not enslaved by a corrupt government looking to expand their own power with our tax dollars. A Clinton presidency means doom for America. This country that we love so much needs us to send a message with our votes.




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