Bill Burr drags Hollywood liberals for endorsing Clinton: “There’s no way I’m voting for someone with 15 felonies”

Tuesday, August 09, 2016 by

Bill Burr is a comedian that doesn’t pull any of his punches.

Regardless of the issue, Burr — who has appeared in television shows like Breaking Bad and the Netflix original F is for Family — is well known for his straight-shooting, politically incorrect tone and lack of hesitance to cover every topic, unconcerned with how offensive it may be perceived.

Recently, Burr took on the topic of Hillary Clinton’s potential presidency — and he undoubtedly angered liberals, feminists and the Hollywood elite with his lack of refrain.

On a recent episode of his Monday Morning Podcast, Burr discussed how ridiculous celebrity endorsements of Clinton are, stating, “The human being in me, I don’t want to see Trump win. But I’ve got to tell you something, just living in Hollywood, how f*cking terrified they are he’s going to win, it’s worth it.”

Regardless of where you stand politically, you have to admire Burr for standing up for his beliefs and not pulling the classic Hollywood liberal move of blindly supporting Clinton in order to further his career. He’s made it this far without surrendering to a ridiculous political ideology, so it seems as though he has no incentive to not tell the truth. That alone deserves respect.

It’s clear that Burr isn’t a supporter of either candidate, but Hillary received the brunt of his onslaught, as he isn’t prepared to ignore her felonious past — something that an astounding number of liberals seem to deny in delusional fashion.

At a time when so few seem to be looking at things objectively or logically, it’s of extreme importance that we champion those who are unafraid to tell the truth. The survival of our society, our country and our planet depends on this. Burr is among those leading the charge and we should all be thankful to have him around.

Since Carlin is gone, we need a comedian that can knock some sense into America.




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