The FBI’s new horrifying precedent: federal officials who don’t “intend” to violate the law should be let off the hook

Monday, July 11, 2016 by

The Hillary Clinton email server situation is a complete and utter mess and has been handled that way since the beginning. Everyone knew that she should be punished for her glaring “mistakes,” but most of us knew that should wouldn’t be. After all, she’s the left’s golden girl, and they’ll do anything and everything to prevent her from being seen in a negative light or having to pay for her mistakes.

Hillary’s violation of Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18) should have gotten her thrown in prison. Had it been anyone else in the world — perhaps short of the rest of the Obama administration — they surely would have. Instead, the FBI has chalked Hillary’s unforgivable misconduct up to being completely acceptable because she didn’t “intend” to do anything wrong.

Yes, the sole excuse for Clinton’s behavior has been that she didn’t “intend” to cause any harm. People are actually accepting this as a reasonable excuse. How many drunk drivers intend on killing other people on the road? Presumably very few. Does that get them off the hook? No! And it shouldn’t. However, Hillary has become so above the law that her intentions matter more than her actions.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about this decision is that it sets a precedent that any federal official can commit felonies as long as there’s no proof that it was intentional. Considering how corrupt the federal government already is, this is absolutely horrifying.

In life, people must be held accountable for their actions. This extends from people without a dollar to their name all the way up to Hillary Clinton. If you want people to believe that you stand with them — and understand the struggles of the working class — it’s grossly inappropriate to behave above the law.

What should we expect from Crooked Hillary, though? Class? Respectable behavior? Don’t make me laugh…




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