Wikileaks may share enough evidence to formally charge Hillary Clinton

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 by

Julian Assange, co-founder of Wikileaks, has announced that his whistleblowing website has enough evidence on Hillary Clinton to have the presidential hopeful indicted — should the United States government have the guts to do so.

Assange claims that even though the Clinton campaign is monitoring him, Wikileaks has “emails relating to Hillary Clinton which are pending publication.” Given the company’s stellar reputation — and the fact that it’s certainly not Assange’s style to make up false claims — you have to wonder exactly what information is contained in the emails.

The enigmatic Assange refused to divulge specific details regarding the emails — refusing to state how many there were, what they contained, and when they will be released — but it seems likely that whatever is included in the text will be alarming.

With that said, nothing regarding the Clinton campaign seems all that shocking anymore. She seems to get away with murder every single day. We’re at the point now where it would be a bigger news story if she didn’t do something shady, unconstitutional, or downright evil.

Furthermore, you have to wonder if the leaks will even matter in the long run. Thus far, it seems as though the federal government is doing everything in their power to avoid indicting Clinton on any charges. Everything surrounding her email scandal has been shady and covered in red flags, yet nothing seems to have been done about it. Every time the FBI appears close to taking action, they back off.

Clinton’s stranglehold on the United States government is becoming more and more apparent, but Assange and Wikileaks seem unconcerned. There’s little doubt that they’re going to release the evidence, even if they don’t get the results they’re searching for. As heartbreaking as it is to report, Hillary seems above the law at this point, and it seems as though there’s nothing she can do that she’ll have to formally answer for, but here’s hoping that assessment is incorrect.

That “Clinton cash” sure is powerful, isn’t it?





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